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Left Stick / WASD - Move
Left Bumper / Shift - Dodge
A / F - Pick Up Item
Right Trigger / LMB - Shoot
Right Bumper / RMB - Lock On
Backspace - Restart
Num - / Num + - Raise and lower camera sensitivity
Esc - Quit Game
You can aim while locked on to lead your shots. 

The game is pretty rough right now like the lack of sounds and particles or how some guns just don't work on the flying robots. . . but I'd appreciate any feedback.

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Published 72 days ago
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Shooter


GunSunZeros DD16.rar 142 MB


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I'm not a fan of the random spread you have going on here and it affects rockets the most being one of the most useless combos in game due to them flailing wildly before locking on which by that time they've either hit a wall or the ground instead of an enemy centered on the crosshair. Difficulty doesn't seem to be of any issue(I'd like it to be harder, infact but don't make it a bullet sponge and instead improve the AI in ways as to be rushed down by a 2-3 robot team covering/shooting my exit routes) other than the sole fact that your weapons themselves are the difficulty that you the player need to go against. I wasted more time trying to use rockets and the machine gun than the grenade launcher(which is perfect except when shooting it versus airborne enemies given it has a poor height restriction and if it felt more alike the demoman's TF2 GL it'd be great). Movement's alright, level 'design' seems randomly generated with randomly added jump pads disguise the garbage round stairwells that you cannot properly climb at times without the use of a jump. On the weapons again other than the random spread issue, certain weapon combos may rend you slightly helpless against airborne enemies like the laser strike as it has the AoE of a grenade despite having a delay of 1(?) or more seconds making it feel much weaker in comparison to what I am able to accomplish with this 

in which this seems to be outright the best weapon combo as it deals very good damage despite also being tied to random spread, locks on and deals multiple quick hits. When destroying an enemy spawn point, weapon modification pickups are blown away skyhigh with the cylinder and will fall outside the map. Those same pickups are hard to recognize as it spins too fast wasting my time trying to decipher the image and it's not instantly recognizable in the model you use. I'm also aware you can hover your crosshair over it and it feeds you a lackluster text description, but a player should be able to instantly recognize a pickup from the get-go. 

Consider adding something to standout too, I'd personally like the ability to go fast just by canceling my dash/dodge midway with a jump to go fast. Lastly, to outright avoid these weapon balance issues you can instead add a secondary weapon slot with either a single weapon mod slot or two to avoid issues where I'm able to waste over 1 minute in trying to kill those flying pink gundams with rockets or the laser strike(possibly more here). Good luck.